Meet Jordan

Jordan, hailing from Richardson and rooted in the DFW area, embodies the essence of a true Texan. Transitioning from a thriving career in the restaurant industry, he has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of real estate, leveraging his knack for results-driven leadership and unwavering commitment to prioritizing people.

Jordan is heavily inspired by his grandfather’s journey from an Oklahoma farm to a corporate vice president, who taught him the importance of hard work and honesty. Witnessing his grandfather’s kindness, Jordan prioritizes compassion in his real estate career, aiming to support, value, and protect clients every step of the way, just as his grandfather did for him.

As he navigates the realm of real estate, Jordan is steadfast in upholding his grandfather’s legacy, ensuring that every client feels supported, valued, and protected throughout their journey. With an unwavering dedication to realizing the dreams and aspirations of his clients, Jordan eagerly looks forward to assisting individuals and families in achieving their goals, guided by the enduring spirit of his grandfather.